TBI and Medicolegal Record Review, Inc. is headed up by Jan Seabaugh, a licensed attorney with a master's degree in psychology.  Jan is also a Certified Brain Injury Specialist and has worked clinically with patients with mild, moderate and severe traumatic brain injuries, patients with movement disorders, patients with mold toxicity, and patients with other neuropsychiatric disorders.  She has assisted these patients with their personal injury lawsuits, as well, by working closely with their attorneys and helping their treating neuropsychiatrist prepare for depositions and trial.

Jan has also worked for many years as both a plaintiff and defense attorney on general litigation, pharmaceutical, medical malpractice, insurance, antitrust, and contract dispute cases.  She has many years of experience in all types of litigation, corporate, banking, real estate, environmental, and regulatory law, including health care law.  She got her start in law working for a very large firm as a paralegal in the mid-1980s.

Although Jan is not currently practicing law, she maintains an active license with the Virginia State Bar.  She feels blessed to be able to use both her law and psychology degrees on a daily basis.  She is also a writer, and really enjoys reviewing medical records, because she sees it as "telling the story" of the patient (or unraveling it, as the case may be!).  

Contact us at:  records@TBIandMedicolegalRecordReview.com or (804) 661-6509